We welcome you to the homepage of the New Church School in Tema, Ghana

Tema New Church School is a mission school dedicated to the preparation of children for a useful and purposeful life in the future. Particularly, the school is committed to laying a strong foundation for a new Ghanaian who will be:

• Academically sound
• Technically equipped and trained to compete in today’s world
• Growing to become a distinctive and productive adult
• Dedicated to improving the development of Ghana , the African continent and the world

Also, the school is committed to preparing children for the Lord’s higher end. So it provides a heavenly-centered education, based on the Word of God, and is dedicated to giving children a distinctive moral and spiritual training.

• Looking to the Lord for deeper knowledge and faith in His teachings
• Striving to abide in the teachings and thus
• Preparing to become an angel in the Lord’s kingdom
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