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Our Church believes that for a person to attain a peaceful and productive life, his natural as well as his spiritual domains have to be developed simultaneously. Thus our goal is to provide educational opportunities and practices that will prepare students to realize their full rational and spiritual potentialities.

In the New Church School we seek to educate our students for this world and for the world hereafter as enshrined in the School Motto: "Education to a higher end." From this educational direction we derive our mission statement: "Building the New Ghanaian."

We seek to prepare each of our students into a new Ghanaian who will be fully equipped with academic excellence and most relevant technical skills to enable them contribute meaningfully to the human society.

The New Ghanaian will be imbued with healthy civil, moral and spiritual principles that will make them responsive to civil obligations, be morally upright and spiritually endowed to live a life not for self alone, but for others also.
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