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I have the pleasure and honor to share our story with all and sundry present here today and I do so in a solemn appreciation of your gracious response to our invitation.

To start with, permit me to walk you through a brief history of our school. New Church school commenced in August 1999 with pre school, basic one to three and Junior High School one only. Total enrolment then was twenty six. Four years later, which was by 2003, the modest beginning had blossomed; all classes in the upper primary and junior high school had been filled with a total enrolment figure of about two hundred and sixty. We presented the first batch of finalists for the basic entrance certificate examination (BECE) in the year 2002 with hundred percent passes and many distinctions; a feat that has been maintained ever since.

Mr. Chairman, I will not hesitate to add that infrastructural growth had been paralleled with academic achievement. This had come by the kind courtesy of the New Church in North America and individual friends. In fact it is mainly through this donor generosity coming from the Church that we see these magnificent architectural edifices.

Mr. Chairman, once we had accepted the challenge to provide a social service of this sort we recognized the need to achieve credibility to ensure competitiveness. In fulfillment of this objective our School was, in the year 2004, recognized and awarded with a grade “A” status by the Ghana Education Service, a standard which has been maintained since.

Mr. Chairman, permit me to crave on the indulgence of my listeners to touch on the individuality and uniqueness of New Church School. Our vision is clearly defined. We are dedicated to the preparation of children for a useful and purposeful life in future. Particularly, we are committed to laying a strong foundation based on the Lord’s threefold word: the Old and the New Testaments and the Heavenly Doctrine of the New Church. So the New Church School is devoted to producing future Ghanaians who will be academically sound, morally and spiritually upright to be of service to God and humankind. Promoting this vision, we have chosen “Leadership and Responsibility”, as a theme for our tenth milestone. We believe that laying strong emphasis on the tenets of good leadership and a committed sense of responsibility are positive prescriptions for effective up- bringing of children who are the future assets for mother Ghana.

How do we seek to achieve these laudable goals? … Preparing children for excellent academic, moral and spiritual life… the following arrangements have been put in place:
• Significant number of periods has been allocated on the regular school time table for the teaching of New Church Religion.

• Weekly school worship purposely designed to teach well coordinated virtues, such as: obedience, humility, respect, innocence, service, caring, and self control.

• Two Sunday worship services with the New Church congregation have been incorporated into the school calendar. These are organized to pray for the Lord’s care and blessings at the beginning of a term and to render thanks to Him at the end of the term. We believe these religious practices are having far reaching positive impact on our children’s life.

Mr. Chairman, in the New Church School we offer a distinctive education based on love and care. Special systems have been put in place to ensure our distinctiveness:
• The school maintains a small class size which ensures excellent teacher- pupil relationship that promotes individual development.

• We offer extra tutorials for weaker students. Practice User Fee book supply system, that is, parents buy text books only once when they enroll their children. Subsequently, they pay little monies to support the scheme.

• We have enough classrooms for many other learner based activities.

• A stimulating environment, a library, computer laboratory with internet facility

• A good school canteen and a neat environment.

• A fairly efficient and affordable transport system.

• The school has also engaged the services of a permanent security officer to ensure safety and effective control of our children whilst in school.

Nonetheless, Mr. Chairman, our story is not all that rosy; in our quest to provide a heaven- centered education to every child irrespective of creed, religion and ethnic leanings we have some challenges.
• First of all, we have had to deal with un-corporative attitudes of some parents and guardians in respect of their responsibility in the education of their children e.g. Failure to supply required materials, pay fees, attend school functions (PTA, Open Days, special invitations) and even supervise and monitor children’s work and life at home.

• Secondly, the road leading to the school and its environs is in a deplorable state. All of us witnessed it as we drove here today. We plead with our representatives in authority to intervene on our behalf.

• We always need to cart children from far places to and from school. This obviously requires an efficient, reliable and affordable transportation system. Providing for this is usually associated with expensive bank loans with harsh and unattractive terms of repayment. We welcome any assistance that can be extended to us in this matter.

Mr. Chairman, permit me to acknowledge the presence of two distinguished personalities from the USA; the assistant bishop of the New Church worldwide, the Rt. Rev. Brian Keith and the treasurer of the New Church Mr. David Frazier. We sincerely appreciate their coming, commitment and support for our ministry and its uses. Permit me again to use this medium to express an unqualified gratitude to the General Church (our mother church in the US) for her generosity in granting funding for the construction of this institution on our Ghanaian soil, and for all other contributions which have supported our continuous existence and growth. I am appealing to all Ghanaians gathered here today to come on board in taking custody of these facilities and make them more useful to our children.

In particular I am appealing to the Metropolitan Chief Executive and the government to consider contributing to compliment the General Church’s effort especially in two important departments; namely, assisting in equipping the computer laboratory and the library to become resource centers which would be made accessible to many children in the Metropolis who would otherwise not get those learning experiences.

Mr. Chairman, before I take my seat, permit me once more to use this platform to register my profound gratitude to all the teaching and non-teaching staff of this institution. The School Management does recognize and appreciate their hard work. It is my hope that they will not falter on their commitment to give off their best. Together we can live up to our motor that seeks to prepare our children for a higher end in education.

To the children, I say thank you for your wonderful co-operation. I pray to God to protect you, give you good health, understanding and a love to obey. We love you and will always work for your good. Let us all renew our commitment to diligent and hard work so that we can continue to excel in promoting excellent and holistic education here in the New Church School.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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