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In this country educational program is centralized in the government. The ministry of Education provides the school curriculum and general direction of education. Here in the New Church School, we offer an over all education in line with the government's directives, but also we place special emphases on Music, French, Computer studies and Religious education.

Recognizing the importance Music plays in human life, we offer a wider range of opportunities for an appreciation and performance of music. There is a need for a new orientation in the teaching of music. The New Church School provides this new orientation. It is our vision that every JSS graduate from NCS should be able to demonstrate a good appreciation in the knowledge and performance of music.

Surrounded by Francophone countries, Ghana needs a more meaningful approach to the study of French in the school to make international relationship with her immediate milieu and beyond most effective. The present situation where J.S.S graduates only satisfy their scholarship in French on paper is untenable.

Here in NCS we don't only seek to prepare students to satisfy their scholarship in French in a one-time examination and forget there after, but to make French a permanent language in their lives.

The special emphasis our school places on Computer Studies need not be far fetched. We believe that education must be relevant to the changing global trends in technological advancements. Information technology provided by the Internet has made the world a small global village.

The new Ghanaian the NCS dreams of must be fully prepared in Computer Science to gain self fulfillment in the world today. Here in the NCS computer studies forms part of our normal curriculum. Right from Primary two, the eight year-old-pupils are exposed to regular and systematic classes in computer literacy.

Most importantly, here in the NCS, special attention is being given to Religious Studies. The purpose of the Kindergarten through JSS religion curriculum is to help students learn, live and love the Lord Jesus Christ. The new Ghanaian must be imbued with the love of good religious principles that will make him most responsive to civil, moral and spiritual obligations.
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