World Wide Connections

The New Church is spread over the whole globe and our teachings are translated from Latin into over hundred languages. It is difficult to estimate how many people are in the New Church since anyone who studies the New Church teachings and apply these into his or her life is essentially a New Church person. The total number of members in offical New Church organizations, however, is about 30,000.

On the African continent there is currently three New Church schools. Beside Tema New Church School in Ghana there are also two schools found in the Republic of South Africa. Theses are the New Church preschool, Diepkoof and the Kainon School & Preprmary, Westville.

In North America there a dussin New Church Schools. The largest school is situated in the town of Bryn Athyn, the bishop seat of the Geneneral Church of the New Jerusalem. In the Bryn Athyn Schools, ranging all the way from kindergarden up through College and Theological school, there are a total of over 700 hundred students. Follwing in order the three largest New Church schools in North America are found in Kempton, PA, Glen View, IL and Toronto, O.T. Canada.

In the General Church of the New Jerusalem, the largest New Church organization, education has played a major part of its opereration since its very founding. In due course the General Church has developed a great deal of its own unique views of education and raising of children greatly inspired by the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg.

Bollow follows some links and descriptions of sites relating to the New Church and New Church Education:

New Search 98 Net -this is an on-line program that searches and displays all of the theological writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. The searches are conducted in various English translations of the works. When reading a passage, alternate translations can be viewed, as well as the original Latin.
Swedenborg Foundation - publishes and distributes the theological, scientific, and other writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. The site provides information about the Foundation, its history, current directors and staff, as well as its published books, newsletters, audio and video tapes, and scheduled lectures or events.
Touchstone Seminars - provides information about Rise Above It, the book, seminar, and curriculum for spiritual growth – based on the Ten Commandments – that have been developed by Ray and Star Silverman.
Bryn Athyn Cathedral - this site provides information about the grandest New Church building in the world, its unique construction, worship services, tours, landscaping, and more..
The New Church - provides information about the General Church of the New Jerusalem, its congregations around the world, answers to frequently asked questions about the Church and Swedenborg, as well as offering a sampling of sermon texts listed by topic and title.
Academy of the New Church Secondary Schools - provides general information about the Highschool in Bryn Athyn, as well as specifics on admissions, student life, facilities, and college or career guidance. The site also offers video/audio streaming of morning chapel services and sporting events.
Bryn Athyn College of the New Church - provides general information about Bryn Athyn College, as well as specifics on admissions, tuition and financial aid, applying online, and student life. The site also offers profiles of academic programs, individual courses, and faculty members.
The New Church Young Adult Connection - provides information to support young adult members of the Church, or those who are thinking about becoming members, in building a relationship with each other and with the Lord. Contains sermon texts, as well as a calendar of events, articles, inspirations, resources and a discussion bulletin board.
Academy of the New Church Alumini - a site for the Academy of the New Church's alumini. Everything you would like to know about the ANC can be found here. Events happening the Highschool, College and Theological school in Bryn Athyn are also posted here.
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